Competition Specialists

Press Release

Steve Blom and Jason Johnson are teaming up to send Competition Specialists full throttle in traditions. 

With Steve's 40+ years of engine building knowledge & Jason’s family traditions of building race winning engines with his Hall of Famer Great Grandpa and Grandpa, there is proven winning power. 

Together, Steve and Jason are forming a championship team combining both proven talent and modern technology—building your engine for the front of the pack.

Steve will now be able to focus his efforts on doing what he loves, building engines. Jason will work alongside Steve and his team creating an all-around efficient duo. This collaboration will allow Steve to spend more time perfecting the performance of your engine.

Competition Specialists is remaining race ready and growing bigger and better than it has been before. Expand your trophy shelf by bringing your engine back to a historically victorious company.

Join histories at Competition Specialists. We are always looking for talented engine builders to conquer the win here at Competition Specialists.

Reach out to Steve or Jason to get your engine back to the top.  

(920) 725-9384sales@competitionspecialists.comFacebook Messenger